About Me

I'm Jephany
a web designer and marketing consultant

I used to be one of those women working in a 9-5 job in the banking industry. I was working 8-11 hours a day for 5 long years trying to get somewhere in my career. Then I came to a point when I was just dragging myself out of bed everyday uninspired and unmotivated to work. Work became just a chore to me and I was only doing it to live by. Deep down in me I was craving for some freedom from not having to work long hours. I came to a point that I hated my full-time job working on someone else’s dream. It felt like I was tied up to my job & stuck because of loans and bills to pay. I was miserable living from pay-check to pay check.

I didn’t know what freedom was like until I started my own venture.


I pursued a degree in Economics and ended up in the banking industry for 5 long years in the Philippines. 

In 2014, I met my husband Sergey and moved to New Zealand. We worked for a year in Auckland and moved to Nelson in 2016. We started a business together. For the first time I felt free from not having to work for someone. We shared the same pain that’s why we started our own venture without any idea if it was going to work out or not. We didn’t have much to money to start with living on savings and side hustle income from renting out spare rooms on Airbnb. It took us 3 years until we were able to finally setup website for our 3 businesses. 

In 2018, I was lucky enough that the opportunity came on my lap because I was given the opportunity and challenge to build our business website. I built 3 websites and after I finished I still wanted to do it again. That’s when I knew that I was really passionate about it and that I should be doing it so I created Digisafe Creative which was linked to Digisafe company that we already have. Sergey helped me with the technical side of website building ranging from hosting, email setup, optimisations etc.

Mid-2019 I made a hard decision leaving an unhealthy marriage and I ended up on my own  and became a single mom. I went through depression and I couldn’t work for months until I was able to fight depression and worked my way back on track. At first I was worried about not being able to work on doing web design again because of my fear of not being able to do the technical side of it. However, I pushed myself in learning the things I needed to do. Losing my identity as a wife was terrible but at the same time I felt like I was myself again.

I re-branded from Digisafe Creative to Design with Jephany after I re-defined who I wanted to serve as my clients. As a woman and mom entrepreneur I understand the struggles of women who are mostly moms as well wanting to have the freedom doing what they love and passionate about and be present with people who matters the most. Hence I decided to serve women entrepreneurs exclusively.


My Core Values


I love connecting with people and sharing my gift with others. I want to help, inspire and empower women to become entrepreneurs. 


When I became a mom I loved the freedom of being able to manage my own time. I base my success off my freedom & how much I am learning.


It is a great fulfilment for me to be doing what I love and  to inspire women to get on their feet on business and help them succeed in business.


Work should be fun not mere toil. I am truly with myself when I am creative. I express it in  – design, fashion style, photography etc.

What I Believe

I believe that every person has their own talent and gift to share to the world. The best way to be the person who you are meant to be is to surround yourself with people who will inspire you.

  • I believe that passion is the key to get started in business. You don't have to perfect or expert in what you do. You don't need to have a perfect product or service, people need a passionate person behind the product/service.
  • I believe that two heads are better than one. I try not to get stuck in what I think is good. I listen to others and change my way of thinking or strategy to become successful.
  • I believe in providing value and satisfaction to my clients as the heart of any business.
  • I believe that change means growth not pain.
  • I believe that happiness is not by chance but by choice. I started being happy when I associate success with learning and doing what I love.
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When you’re running a business and balancing a family, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business with less time?

How Can I help you?


I help small business owners create a brand that stands out. I provide logo branding boards, website branding boards and Canva templates for social media use.

Web Design

That first impression last. You may be just starting in business but when you start right, everything follows. Jumpstart your way up to 


Having a stunning brand and website makes you stand out your competitor. How you market your business in social media is essential and what makes the difference.


I am here to help setup your brand, website and provide marketing strategies to get your business out there. 

PLAN & design

For every project it requires planning. So I work on your branding board so you have a visual guide what it is going to look like.

BUILD & Launch

Once the design materials are in place I can then start building your website and customise it based on your brand board.

social media MARKETing

I provide social media management, Facebook Advertising and Pinterest training. 

Grab your freebie!

Done for you social media templates for Canva to grow your business in less time.

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