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Your website is the face of your business online.
How your business looks online matters.... a lot!

Building a DIY website is getting easy and easier nowadays with drag and drop builders. You want to learn and do everything on your own but time is precious and you don’t want to waste your time into something you don’t do best.  Whether you need a new website done or give an existing website a makeover or need some help with training so you can do it yourself I am here to help. 

Basic Website

Get more clients who are looking online. Having a website play a big part in your business branding and marketing. Get your website launched in less than 3 weeks or if you have one already give it a makeover to reflect your branding. I build engaging websites that are not only attractive but also effective for marketing purpose.

Investment starts at $1500

Basic Website

Who it’s for:
The Basic Website package is for anyone who needs an online presence or for anyone looking to give their website a makeover to reflect their branding. It is also for someone who is willing to take over her own website and make updates and write blogs for her business as I also provide training after I build the website.

What’s included:

  • Starts from 5 pages and more
  • Responsive Design
  • High Quality Stock Photos
  • Booking System Integration (optional)

E-Commerce Website

Are you a small business who have a great product or service to sell online? Let's get your online shop started and get more clients who are looking to buy online.

Investment starts at $2500

E-Commerce Website

Who it’s for:
This is for anyone who is looking to sell products or services online. Get more sales with an online shop. Earn a passive income making sales from your online store.

What’s included:

  • Starts from 10 pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Starts from 10 products
  • Booking System Integration 
  • Payment System Integration – Paypal, Stripe etc

Landing Page, Sales Funnel, Opt-in Page

If you’ve ever exchanged information for a content download, service, webinar etc, then you’ve seen and used a landing page. A landing page plays an important part of a lead generation process. Used to convert site visitors into leads, landing pages are literally the page that site visitors ‘land on’ after clicking a call to action. All landing pages contain a lead capture form that visitors complete in exchange for a content offer or service. After submitting their information, newly converted leads will then be directed to a thank you page where they can access their content offer.

Investment starts at $500

Landing Page

Who it’s for:
Anybody wanting to have a single web-page that you can use for online marketing and be able to capture leads. If you want to focus on marketing and lead generation then a landing page is for you.  

What’s included:

  • – Design that clearly outlines the offer 
  • – Action-oriented headline
  • – Visual presentation of freebie offer
  • – Lead capture form
  • – Thank you page
  • – Email Campaign Integration

How Does It Work?

1. Consult

We discuss your business needs and I recommend what we need to do. 

2. Design

I start working on your branding board and web design plan and get your feedback.

3. Develop

I build the website that reflects your brand. and make revisions before launching.


Most frequent questions and answers

All websites are created in WordPress using WordPress Themes or my go-to page builder, Elementor for custom design websites. 

Yes I do branding as well. We can discuss your unique needs during our meeting and put together a proposed brand board. 

I am now only taking on 1-2 new clients per month to ensure each one gets enough special attention. I am booking a month+ in advance. That time between securing your project and getting started is actually perfect for the prep work we need to do anyways.

Branding + Website = 4 weeks
Website Only = 3 weeks

It is required that all prep work needed from the client is complete before our official start date. 


The standard payment setup is  50% deposit and 50% due at the end of our website week.

There is an option to break that up into 3 or 4 smaller payments – with the final payment being due at the end of our website week.

I am always here for you post project! Adding additional new pages to the website is between $100-250 per page depending on the amount of content needed on that page.

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