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Your Ultimate Website Checklist Guide

Having a stunning and professional looking website takes some planning and preparation. If you are a solo entrepreneur like me and have no idea how to start your own website, I have put up things together so you can prepare for your website launch. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire someone to build a website for you, you still have to prepare these things. So let’s begin.

Domain & Hosting

The initial stage is setting up the technical components of having a website. You will need a domain name and a hosting provider. Let me explain domain and hosting in simple term for you. Domain is the address of your website – businessname.com which is like your home address. This is the address that you provide to people so they find you. Hosting is where your website files such as photos and website content will be stored. So hosting is like the land where you build your house. 

I highly recommend getting domain and hosting from the same provider in case you want to transfer to another platform later on it will be easier. I myself use Siteground for hosting and bough domain name from them as well. I love this company because of their excellent customer service and user-friendly interface. It is easy to sign up and setup a WordPress website. And if you need a hand their customer support is within reach and you can chat with support within minutes when you need them. I will blog more on why I chose Siteground later.

Website Content and Website Copy

Before you begin worrying about the design, you have to have the words that you are going to put in your website first. Your website content includes images, videos and any form of writing in your website like blog posts, product or service descriptions, FAQs and writings about yourself.  On the other hand a website copy is a sales-focused words that you use in your website to persuade clients, the messaging to convert visitors to clients. 

Writing your website content can be daunting and can easily get lost when we don’t have a guide. Do not worry because I have prepared a worksheet with guide questions to help you write your website content. Signup to my newsletter to get your Website Checklist here.

If you still feel stuck and feel the need to create compelling words to convert site visitors then it it worth investing on hiring a professional website copywriter as they also do keyword research for your SEO. I recommend Helena- local website copywriter in Nelson at Tales Copywriting.

Website Theme or Template

In this age of technology you can have a DIY website as long as you have the willingness and time to learn it. For any website platform, you will need to choose a website theme. This is a pre-made design template and you only need to install it and then customise the way how you want your website to look like to match your own branding.

In terms of website platform, I use WordPress myself because there’s  a lot of themes to choose from and they cost from $79 to $250. A lot of people think WordPress is complicated. Let’s take it like this. Mathematics or Calculus is not for everybody but we all had to learn it. If you want to setup your website in less time and hassle, I highly recommend using WordPress and start getting confident with it. When you buy themes or templates, it comes with instructions how to install it. If you follow it well, then you can have a beautiful website and all you have to do it customise it. I will blog on setting up your WordPress website in the future.

As a female entrepreneur, I am drawn to Feminine WordPress Themes. I can recommend the following WordPress Themes below:

Chicserve Theme $220 – this theme is great for service-based entrepreneurs. The great thing about this template is that you can just import the pages design and customise it. You can use the free Elementor Page Builder for additional sections and pages you will need later. 

Olivie Theme $120 – this is great for bloggers who want a feminine site. Just be aware that when you buy this templates you may not be allowed to use the photos it comes with as these stock photos have copyright. 

Quinn Theme $120 – perfect fit WordPress theme for wedding event planners, photographers with an eye for the elegant, and creatives who love a traditional, girly touch.

I will create a separate blog on more WordPress Feminine Themes you can use for your website.

Brand Photos

If you read my blog on Things you need to know before branding, I mentioned that your brand is how your audience/clients connect with you. You want to make sure that the images that you put in your website represents who you are and your business. An image/s that are aligned to your values, mission and vision is how people will remember your brand. 

Professional Head Shots

You are in business and you want to look professional in whatever you do. So it is worth to invest on getting professional photos of yourself for your website. You want to make sure that you show your personality. Here is an example. 

Blog Graphics

Your blog graphics plays a big part in marketing your website online and social media. Pinterest is known to be a massive traffic-driver to your website. So if you want to get noticed on Pinterest, you want to make sure that your graphics play the part. Eye-catching design together with keywords will result in click-throughs. 

Social Media Graphics

You can connect your instagram to your website. You want to make sure that your visuals/graphics on social media is cohesive to your brand. You can create your social media graphics on Canva. Canva is a free graphic design tool and very easy to use for beginners. It is a very intuitive design tool. To jumpstart your design cohesive to your brand it is worth buying canva templates from LadyBoss StudioBluchic or will be coming soon in my shop as well. 



So now that you have learned something, good luck in your preparations for your website launch. Would be happy to see how you get on. 

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